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Ian has taken his knowledge of building, sculpting and modeling 3D assets to the next level. Through introspection Ian has become a life learner, this ensures staying ahead of the curve.

What better way to learn than to teach?

Ian contributes to the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design community as an instructor and a course developer. His students range from pre-college all the way through their senior year of college. Upon leaving his classes they have a solid understanding of how to build 3D assets for games and film, as well as working knowladge of how game and film piplies work. Walking away with a hunger to know more about programs like Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop and the Unreal Engine, and working as a freelance artist he proudly calls them his peers. 

Denver, 3D Printing, Jeweler, Digital Artist, Instructor

By joining the Pluralsight team, Ian's teachings reach the international market. His courses focus on skill building by working with real world examples. They include lessons in software such as Fusion 360, ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Unity and the Unreal Engine. He's lessons foster a pipeline and workflow that is non-linear, giving flexibility to the inevitable change of mind of project scope and aesthetic. 

Denver, 3D Printing, Jeweler, Digital Artist, Instructor

Working with a students ages 10-16, Ian opens doors for dreams to become realities later in their lives. The campers get the hands on experience to create 3D models for 3D printing and engineering, as well as video games. Ian guides them through the process of creation with in modeling and gaming software over the course of a week long class. Using Maya campers create models that will snap together and articulate when they are finalized as a 3D print. Within week long gaming course, the students walk away with a working game level they can take home to play with their friends and family. 

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